ChicPet Handmade Dog Chest Collar (Red)


* All of Chicpet Textile-based products are handcrafted at a rate of up to 95%.

* It is specially designed for the comfort of your pets. Soft filling material is sewn together under the nylon webbing.

* The nylon webbings we have used are produced from high quality polyamide fiber. The fabrics woven from these polyamide fibers are highly resistant to bad weather conditions and tearing. It is frequently preferred in accessories because of its very vivid color options, soft structure and attractive appearance.

* Rubber padding is a special material that is resistant to high temperature differences and abrasion with its waterproof structure. It is covered with nylon fabric. Our rubber filling pads are a wonderful soft filling material that offers extra comfort for both our friends and pet owners with its texture that fits our friends perfectly.

* Our metal buckles, metal rings and metal bridges are our own custom designs. Our products are finished with chrome plating, which is highly resistant to corrosion.

* Our product, with its adjustable chest and neck parts, and the fact that it can be easily attached and removed from the back makes the product attractive for users.

* Our plastic buckles which produced with durable and strong polyacetal raw material, have high strength. Our product exceeds all the standards required by the area in which it is used and that you may need.


Wiping and cleaning our products with a damp cloth after using them in muddy and excessively dirty environments and additionally cleaning them periodically will extend the life of the product.

The product is out of the scope of the Warranty If the product is used with modifications or changes other than the original.